Oh the places we'll go!

Munni told me in the car that she had a surprise for me.  I asked her what is was and she told me that she had been thinking about a map.  I said, "Oh?  a map?  why?"  She told me that she has a list of places she wants to go with me.  In that moment I thanked God profusely that He knew EXACTLY what He was doing when He brought Munni and me together.  She is a daughter after my own heart :)  These are the places we talked about and on her own, numbers 1, 2, and 5 were already in her head.  We are so alike on so many levels....

1.  Gujarat, India :) completed 02/2015
2.  Greece
3.  Thailand
4.  Spain/Portugal
5.  Africa (probably south or mid since I've been to east)
6.  re-visit Mexico
7.  Ecuador

Then we will make a new list :)

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